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The IDEAS Camp Mission

At IDEAS, the foundation of what we do, how we teach, and who we hire is intentional.

Moreover, we believe in the power of story. Therefore, one of our primary goals is for attending campers to go home with a story to share from their experiences at IDEAS Camp. Everything we do is predicated around our primary goal each and every camp day:

For campers to return back to their family and friends, either in the car or at the dinner table, and share memorable stories from the camp day.

Our entire organization fully recognizes the responsibility and influence we have as educators, mentors, and friends. Therefore, it is our #1 goal to provide memorable moments and experiences that “stick,” which inevitably become stories shared later that evening.

IDEAS Camps provides a stimulating and safe environment as well as a collaborative and experimental platform for such amazing experiences. In return, we have discovered that campers cannot wait to share their own stories from camp with their friends and family.

Our overall mission is to enrich the lives of children and teens by simultaneously fostering fun and building character.

Leadership, teamwork, preparation, initiative, and effort are life skills echoed repeatedly throughout our curriculum. We hire experienced and extraordinary teachers, instructors, engineers and graduate students of education, who are dedicated to cultivating these skills. Our staff is united by a desire to uphold and demonstrate our core values.

Our Core Values:


The core decision factor in how we prepare and all we do.


Every day, every project and every experience.

Customer Service

Towards everyone: students, parents, staff members, the school.


Create WOW experiences and aim to exceed expectations to “WOW!” everyone and in everything we do.


Warm and welcoming at all times. Positive attitudes shape us.


Fostering friendships and opportunities for both students and staff.


Best in show experience without cutting corners.


Over-communication and do so proactively.


Open with one another at all times. The opposite is to not be honest with someone else or yourself.


Maintaining the core values of the company, the facility/school and yourself.

How We Think

IDEAS Camps has been specifically designed to accommodate the needs and wants of the entire family. Our company is filled with full-time and seasonal team members who have children. Therefore, we understand the opportunities, happiness, and challenges the long summer break may present.

Who We Are

Each and every aspect of IDEAS Camp has been developed from the perspective of the entire family. Our company’s 22+ years of experience combined with an obsession to collect constructive feedback from our attending families has built IDEAS Camps’ foundation:

  • Provide an enjoyable and innovative, all-inclusive camp program
  • Create activities specifically designed to engage campers in a variety of daily transformative experiences
  • Alleviate parents from the daily grind and time crunch associated with the summer schedule
  • Reduce unnecessary and excessive costs associated with other camp programs and tuitions

IDEAS Camps Is For Boys & Girls of All Ages and Interests

All of the IDEAS Summer Camp programs and weekly-themes have been carefully designed for both girls and boys to participate in and to enjoy. 

Overall, summer is the perfect time to experiment and build confidence. IDEAS Camps provide both girls and boys with an opportunity to experience a traditional summer camp environment combined with the fascinating world of digital arts, discovery science, innovative technology, and experimental engineering.

For Our Tech Programs: 
Girls & Tech/STEM…
Is The Stereotype True?

The stereotype that girls aren’t interested in STEM is just that, a stereotype. Girls need to be exposed to engineering early on so they can make informed decisions when choosing their career paths. “Engineering is not only meant for boys,” says Ana Quezada, a biomedical engineering student at the University of California, Riverside and 2012-2013 International Fellow, in an article published by the American Association of University Women (AAUW). “If you have any doubts, just take a look around you. Everything you see has some engineering in it. I believe girls will love engineering if they will only give it a try. It’s not only focused on cars and boys; it is more about creating new things from scratch just using your imagination.” 

IDEAS Camps is proud to have earned the honor of being fully accredited by STEM.org.



IDEAS Camps.
Not Just A Camp For Kids.

Campers: Engage In a Variety of Transformative Activities

During each week of the summer, IDEAS Camp provides campers with the unique opportunity to:

  • Be safe. Feel comfortable. Have Fun. Build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Explore new technology applicable to present-day and real-world experiences.
  • Stay physically active and participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Develop essential life skills such as teamwork, leadership, collaboration, self-confidence, and cooperation.
  • Enjoy the leadership, friendship and mentorship of dedicated, well-trained adult-led camp counselors and instructors.

IDEAS Camps For Parents

Parents: Free Your Schedule and Provide a Break From The School Year

Summer should not be an extension of the busy school year. Parents, you need a break too! IDEAS Camps provide:

  • An opportunity to relax, since IDEAS provides an all-inclusive experience:
    • Complimentary daily healthy snack.
    • Complimentary extended care in the morning and afternoon.
    • Convenient one-stop location for siblings and friends ages PreK to 8.
    • A diverse set of new one-week camp program themes and offerings for every boy and girl in the family – all summer long.
    • Curbside drop-off and pick-up experience: safe, efficient and friendly.
    • Expedited pick-up service for parents who need to pick-up early to get to the next stop.
  • The ultimate satisfaction of saving you valuable time and money.
  • A less stressful and more enjoyable summer.
  • Extremely low counselor to camper ratio.

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